English: It’s the story of two potatoes, one gets mashed and the other screams “Oh mash!”

French: C’est l’histoire de deux pommes de terre.Une d’elles se fait écraser et l’autre s’écrie “Oh purée !”


Daniel King

Why did the boy put the potatoes 🥔 on the kitchen floor?

He wanted to mash potatoes!


Mom's Spagett

What do you call a retarded and a stroke victim in the same bed?

Mashed potatoes



What do you get when you beat up an autistic kid?

Mashed potatoes


Prankster. Kenya bailey!

Prankster is Backster…DANG IT: Hey guys, prank for today is when I lied about feeling sick so I won’t have to go to school. Introduction: This prank was commentited a week ago! Around 5:00 a.m. in the morning! 1. I got out some eggs, milk, salt, and a little bit of mashed olives…will those are main ingreidents. 2. I mixed it all up for about 2 mins just make it look really like barf…no going to school today! 3. I put it under the sofa just give it some solid scence to it. 4. I fix my breakfast eggs and becon. Then when my mom comes down I…PULL OUT MY FAKE BARF!!! News flash make a fake excuse for her to leave! My excuse is "I need some thing its in my room I don’t want to get cause it would wast time" She fell for it. Then I pull out my FAKE barf which looks like real barf. Then you say or I said "Mom I don’t feel so good’’! News flash: Don’t over sell it think about all that boring school work! and guess what she fell for it so I spend all day doing nothing…aboulty nothing! Will thats the prankster anymore pranks you want ask me in the comment section! Byeeeeeeeeeee



Everytime i come in the kitchen my girl is in the kitchen in the damn refrigerator eating all the food like the fried chicken the mashed potatoes the collard greens mac and cheese and the corn bread. Then i said i wanna eat some of that shit i love soul food then i told her you keep it up your fat ass is going to big like house on a haunted hill.



Digga D, I’m a well known bandit, bandit Had a new mash, just landed Jheez, cop it, chop it, sand it, hand it The verbal ting I can’t stand it Wife and two, got tanned when I banged it Mad ting Got a conspiracy case in the silliest Place, they’re saying that I planned it, damn it Back on a Feltham landing You ain’t been in the hood like Robin I ride in hoods tryna leave man red (Crud) The sweets are goldy, yola drops and lots of dred (Maud) No porkies, pepper them pigeons, they chase this ped Gyal tryna give man noddy, She ain’t got balls in her tongue thats dead



What do you call a down syndrome that was hit by a car? Mash potato




Teacher:Don’t run into the road!! Down syndrome:Weeeeee Teacher:lol now he’s a mashed potato