Jakes Jokes

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Jake Paul


Like if u like logan paul dislike if u like jake paul

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What did God say when he made Jake Paul?

Oops, I made a mistake.

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My friend showed me his broken finger and i said JESUS, he said his name is Jake


How do you give a redneck a circumcision? You kick his sister in the jaw. Jake

prince/ mr tallie

Gwen lets chat at night for ab 1 hour! I want to get to know eachother better!

p.s its jake

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Any 8 year old: sus! Me: Jake were at a funeral-


whats worse than funny condom fails?

Jake Paul


Jake had sex and broke her hymen guess he’s Jake rip her


Hi Jake!


Why jake? FRRR N


Me: What are you

Jake: a muddeasso




Jake Adkins watches James Charles

jake paul

So two guys walk into a bar one says can I have something to drink, the other says, you wish LOLOLOLOLOLOLO ldab on the haters-Jake Paul wreeeeecckkked… DABDABDABDBABABDBABDBABDBABDBDABDBsabBaDBAD,five fo e the winners. KILL MATPAT, THE EARTH IS FLAT AND A DONUT

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Orphan joke protest! Orphans are nice and Kind so stop joking about them! sign a comment and put me or anything else to protest about!

Good luck, jake

Jinx yo
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Jake, tommy, and mike were adopted. Jake got adopted, tommy got adopted and mike. Mike grew up to be a office worker. So you get a new job, and here something about this guy named mike, The next day you go into the office and mike is sitting next to you, with unicorns and Rainbows and stuff, then, a co-worker comes up and says “No one told you mike was gonna be this GGGAAAAYYYYY!!

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jake pauls life:


Two people walk down the road one sais to the other mitch we past weight watchers 2 minutes ago he responds jake the noodle shop is just here you been carrying that shit on your head for 14 years

in Offensive

Jake grabbed lina’s thigh and said “WHy don’t we have sex? I rly wanna see your boobs I bet they’re hot.” “Yeah they are.” She took her chlothes of and he saw her body. “OMG GODDESS OF BOOBS, PUSSYS AND BUTT LETS HAVE SEX LOOK AT MY…” HE WOKE UP THEN CRYED AND KISSED HIS SISTERS BUTT SHE SMACKED HIM THEN HE TOOK HER TO HIS BASEMENT AND KILLED HER FROM SEX


why did jake cross the road? to get a Hagen Daz bar

in Police

It was 2017, and lots of people were hating RiceGum because he released Frick Da Police, a diss track insulting Idubbbz’s Content Cop video on RiceGum

A few hours after the diss track was released, someone went to Rice’s house and spray painted Asian Jake Paul on the wall of the front of his house.

Rice went to “meet” Idubbbz, then he saw the graffiti.


Hours later, police found 4 suspects


Sus 1: I don’t vandalize

Sus 2: I was staying indoors because it was rainy

Sus 3: I fucking RiceGum, but I would not ruin his cheap ass house lol

Sus 4: I eat bricks

Police: I know who RiceGum: Who? Police: ITS-


Notice anything in the number crowd?

Comment the answer below and I will see who is correct

in John

John: Whats 9+10? Jake:21


Jake Paul is some ass