Corona Jokes

Am I the only brony here?
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Coronavirus walks into a bar and tells the bartender, “Gimme a shot of whiskey, will ya?”

The bartender says, “Sorry. We don’t serve viruses here.”

Corona replies, “Well, you’re not a very good host.”


I figured out why everyone is buying toilet paper because a huge rock is headed towards earth and paper covers rock


Snow White and the six Dwarfs, Sneezy was caught by covid19 quarantine :-)


Are you corona?? Cuz it’s hard to breath around u ;)

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Why are people mass buying toilet paper because of the corona virus? When someone sneezes every one shits they’re pants

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I got kicked out of the hospital for saying, “Stay Positive.” to the corona patients

Corona and Lyme

Why DIDN’T the chicken cross the road?

Social Distancing.


Why did the chicken cross the road? Because the one behind it wasn’t social distancing.

Ben Dover

Kid: I have the corona virus

Nurse: here is an ice pack


Why do pedos hate corona ?because they have to stay to meaters away form children 😈


corona be like: eliminating half the population of boomers faster than Thanos snap

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me explaining the school nurse that ice cant cure everything nurse: hOW DaRe yOu OpPosE mE mORtAl


The streets go blank in the dead of the day not a car to be seen A kingdom of corona-cation and it looks like moms the queen The wind is howling with this virus in the air Couldn’t keep it in china everyone knows it’s everywhere Don’t let friends in don’t be afraid Be the good girl you always have to be Conceal don’t feel your insanity That the virus caused!! Don’t let it go! Don’t let it go! You have to hold it back a little more! Don’t let it go! Don’t let it go! Turn away and slam your doors! I don’t care what the government says! Let me go to my friends house Sickness doesn’t get to me anyway. It’s funny how some distance makes everyone insane And the fears that once controlled me are here and present oh well! It’s time to see what I can do to test the limits and break through! No right no wrong but stay inside! WERE NOT FREEEE!! Don’t let it go! Don’t let it go! Be one with the peace inside!! Don’t let it go! Don’t let it go! Watch sad movies and cry!! Here I stand!! And here I’ll stay!! Cause I have nothing better to do The virus flurries through the air into my house! The storm is spiraling fear and fractals all around!! And one thought makes you wanna scream and shout out loud!! What if we never go back? What if the past is in the past??? DONT LET IT GO DONT LET IT GO!! And you’ll rise at the break of noon! DONT LET IT GO DONT LET IT GO!! That’s morning girl is gone!! HERE I STAND IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT CAUSE THATS WHEN I WOKE UP!! Let the virus rage on!!! The sickness never gets to me anyway. DING.

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I think I gave you the corona virus because I can’t stop staring a-choo


I got a great corona virus joke, but you wouldn’t get it.


Why do people not adhere to the corona measures? Because they hate their lives and want to die.

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A guy walks into a bar and tells the bartender “give me 2 beers”. The bartender gives him two beers and coughs in the guys beers bottles before giving it to him. The guy says to the bartender “hey what are u doing I didn’t order for bud lights I want corona beer”. The bartender replies “ sir I gave you a mix of bud light and corona and it’s on the house everyone is drinking corona tonight”.

Shecky Mean

The bright side of this pandemic is now both my hands look equally chapped and raw.


In the year 2020, who were the biggest enemies?

Corona Virus and toilet paper.


I like my covid like I like my women, 19 and easy to spread.