There’s a movie about constipation. It hasn’t come out yet.

What is the German word for constipation? Farfrompoopin.

Me: Have you seen the movie Constipation? You: No Me: Because it hasn’t come out yet! ERMINER!!!

Have you heard of the movie “Constipation”? No?

Because it hasn’t come out yet.

Did you hear about the constipated mathematician? He worked it out with a pencil

Have you heard about the movie about constipation?

Me neither it hasn’t come out yet.

How do you help a constipated person?

U scare the shit out of them

Have you seen the movie Constipation It hasn’t come out yet

What’s harder than taking a shit trying to take a shit while constipated

Dad: Hey have you seen that new movie constipation? Son: No Dad: It hasn’t come out yet

Have you seen the new movie “Constipated”?

No, it hasn’t come out yet

3 boy chiwawa were hot about this girl chiwawa. She tells them I will date whichever one of you can use liver and cheese in the same sentence. First dog say… I love cheese but liver is bland. She replay… Really original. Next dog… I love liver but chesse makes me constipated… She replay… Ewe gross. Third dog steps up… Man Liver alone cheese mine. Winner dog 3.