Built Jokes

Chuck Norris would have died a couple of years ago, but death hasn't built up the courage to tell him.

If your nose runs and your feet smell, you are probably built upside down.

Friend...you so faaaat. Me... Boy at lest I'm not built like a Nintendo switch

Wacko Jacko bleached his skin, lit his head on fire, slept in a chamber, abused his pet monkey, built an amusement park on his own backyard, had toys as decor for his home, slept with little boys, raped little boys. Jacko was Florida Man before Florida Man.

When China built the Great Wall, the Mongols invaded them and founded the Yuan dynasty. With Trump building his wall, will the Mexicans invade the US and found the Juan dynasty?


Why did Trump decide to build the wall?

Because China built a wall and they do not have any mexicans.


Men built civilisations Men went to the moon Men invented the modern comforts of today’s society

Women did none of those They are useless, only fit to be baby making machines