Arabia Jokes

I don't like it when people make 9/11 jokes. My dad was in it. He was the best damn pilot in saudi arabia

"I hate when people make 911 jokes because my grandfather died during the twin tower attacks, he was the best pilot in saudi arabia"

In Saudi Arabia, there lived a man named Abdul. Abdul rhymes with Azul, the Spanish word for blue. And he probably be lookin more blue than me

A man in Saudi Arabia was caught stealing hand sanitiser. The silver lining for him is that he will not need hand sanitiser anymore

One day I was very happy, I managed to win lottery and receive free vacation trip to Saudi Arabia! Everything was going well until suddenly the FRAUD appeared! It was him, PRISTIANO PENALDO! He dived towards me and grabbed my lottery ticket. I asked him why is he doing this only for him to reply "I need trip to Saudi Arabia to statpad the PENS!" as he dived back through my window.

Shame on you for stealing my vacation and ruin my day! You are no longer my Idol Pristianooooo!