Ammo Jokes

Things to kids: Dragapult:Ooh, look! Some ammo A Good Parent: My baby Michael Jackson: (HeeHee)

Abortion is becoming more and more expensive these days. So visit Ammu-nation and pick up an Armsan RS-X1 tactical shotgun, it comes with a free box of ammo and a three year warranty. Buy now pay later.

A hired gun gets on a private plane to his next contract. Halfway through the trip, he notices the plane rapidly losing altitude. So he opens that back of the plane and starts tossing out everything he doesn't need. Grenades, guns, ammo unless it was bolted down it went out. He stopped throwing things out when the plane started to regain altitude. When the plane lands, he sees some kids giggling on the side of the road. "What's so funny?", he asks. "Daddy farted and the house blew up," said a singed little boy.

" I heard a noise in the basement! I'm gonna go to my friends house and play Minecraft with him until the noise I heard goes away." " I heard a noise in the basement. I'm gonna go down there with a bazooka and thirty thousand rounds of pistol ammo and fifty thousand pistols."

Said no horror movie character ever

and also GTA logic

if the noose breaks, stab yourself! If the knife is dull, shoot yourself! if the gun's out of ammo, *YOU'RE HERE TO SUFFER ETERNALLY.*

When the school shooter runs out of ammo: K a l m

When he grabs a full mag: P a n i k

When he looks back and doesn't see you, but you're hiding in one of the classrooms:K a l m

When the autistic kid's sketchers light up: P A N I K