Worst Jokes Ever


in Orphan

Why can’t orphans play baseball Because they don’t know where home is


What did the Blonde say to the other Blonde? They don’t know they couldn’t figure out what to say

Anonymous Idiot

in Orphan

Why do orphans love getting r@ped? Because they want to know what love feels like


How did "Bloody Mary" become a thing? Because her husband beat her bloody when she didn't stay in the kitchen.


I pushed the kid in the wheelchair down the hill but before I did I set his wheels on fire and called him hot wheels


in Orphan

I asked the orphan kid if his mom is hot. He just started crying


in Orphan

I have an orphan joke, but it needs parental guidance

Dark Humor Hunter

in Flat

you don't have to worry about running while boys are around even i can't see anything there.

Matthys Terblanche

Friend: Why do you like Minecraft so much? Me: Because I love miners!


in Rich

why do Pepole have a all of money and they have to spend it on jewelry 24/7 all the time

Logan Toe

what is the point of buttchinns? To catch flies


what do you call 6 gay men in ww2

rainbow six seige


in Emo

What do you call a flat emo ......

A chopping block🖤