What kind of bagel 🥯 can fly?

A plain.

I wish I was blind

Why are there blind people? Because there is

Do people live on the earth 🌏? Yes a lot of people live on the earth 🌎

What is a nut 🥜 that is in outer space 🪐? A broken nut 🥜

peppa’s ribs

disabled people can help wold to get printed copy of " LEANING TOWER OF PISA "

exactly leaned at an angle

There is a new kind of jock strap, it only holds one nut. It is called a trump supporter.

What is boring? Talking about boring things

What time is it when you say no to ethrything ? Time to get bored

What do ghosts put on their bagels 🥯?

Scream Cheese 😱.

No one Beyoncé said to the left to the left she really meant women have no rights

What do ghosts put their bagels 🥯?

Scream Cheese.

Why were the Twin Towers mad, because they ordered pepperoni pizza but all they got was plane.

JAW don’t know shit!

Gay Boy

what happens when a sink on the titanic overflows? it sinks it

I’ve just started a new business making people breathe in large amounts of helium. They all speak very highly of it.

My pregnate wife said we were gonna name the kid digorno. She wouldn’t tell me why until she got an abortion and told me its not delivery its digiorno.

Why did ranch tell fridge to close the door-------------------------he was dressing