What’s the difference between peanut butter and jam? You can’t peanut butter your dick up a dead baby’s ass

What do you call a Lesbian Dinosaur? A Eat-a-lot-of-pus

Walked into a bar the other day and a group of sailors were being load and shouting about all the woman they have in port that had given them gonorrhea… Bloody Seamen.

How many baby’s does it take to pain a wall?

Depends how hard you throw them.

What will reddit be without the robot logo?


(btw im an ugly sack, feel free to dislike this retarded joke. i like bully people cuz their jokes are stupid, and my jokes are cooler than their jokes.)

What is the difference between a retard and a zombie anyway?

They’re always hungry and shuffle around aimlessly, moaning…Oh, and it takes a bullet in the forehead to put them both down.


Why do cows wear bells Because their horns don’t work

I like peanut 🥜 butter 🧈 and honey 🍯

there was a man he took a right he took another right he took a last right why did he stop

the joke is my life

Yo daddy so poor when yo mama ask for sum child support money yo dad don’t have it🤣

What is it called when young sheep bet?


(havent uploaded yesterday cuz couldnt think of a joke)

Mixed vegetables is just special Ed class change my mind

What do you call a train that stalls?

The little engine that couldn’t!

Why can’t a steam locomotive sit down?

Because it has a tender behind.

why did Sarah call off the swing because she has no arms Knock knock show there not Sarah

A TWELVE VOLT BATTERY walks into a tavern and orders a drink.The bartender serves him , and comments now don’t start anything .

Why do orphans have dry cereal Because they’re still waiting on the milk

Three guys are walking in a bar A priest,paedophile and rapist. That was just the first guy

I like cats