What are you doing son.it has been an hour and you are still in front of the mirror closing your eyes.

Mum actually I want to see how I look while sleeping…

Trump has some love in Mexicans, only the Suicidal Mexicans.

How many time does it take to cook a baby in a microwave?

I don’t know, I can’t count while masturbating

Why do you never play a game of cards in the jungle?- cause there are cheetahs!!

Me: opens the window to get some fresh air Everyone else on the plane:😟…😱

If a kid refused to go to bed, dus that make them gilty of risisting a rest

What do you call a mountain of kittens?

A meowtain.

aunt: on internet buying weight loss pills for 15 dollars neice: i found that show on Netflix that you wanted to watch its 3 dollars to watch aunt: im not paying for that shit neice: yet u sit there and buy weight loss pills

are you a mirror,because i see myself in you

I asked my friend if they wanted to hear a joke about sodium, and they said Na.

a cop pulled me over and shouted papers. i shouted scissors and drove off.

What is a rednecks favorite color? Blue

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed.

One fell of and bumped his head

The momma called the doctor and the doctor said

Why the heck was my children jumping on a bed.

What do you call a deer with no legs and no eyes ? Still no idea 😂

Are yo an egg cause your jokes aint funny

Son: mom, is it possible to make a strawberry cake for me ?

Mom: no that’s impossible

Son: but it is possible for your secret boyfriend right

Mom: no no please don’t tell your dad i will make a strawberry cake for you

Son: daddy has already tasted your sweet strawberry cake so because of that i felt jealous ^_^


What’s the difference between a priest and a zit? A: One waits until you’re twelve to cum on your face.

Teacher: tell me what’s the solution of this equation? 30g + 24y + 15a - x^3 = 0

Student: 69 gay = xxx

Teacher: you’re out !!!

Student lies down on the floor, and then teacher starts f…ing him ^_*


Albert is an homophobic guy, His cousin Franco also an homophobic guy.

Albert’s aunt and cousin have visited his parents, but Albert wasn’t knowing that because he came late at night, Franco was sleeping in Albert’s bed thinking he would not come at home, Albert laid on his bed thinking there’s no one on it, and then they started f...ing ^_*

No phobia lasts forever 👌😂