I saw Simba walking slowly…

I told him “Mufasa”

What’s red blonde and wet

Saskia in grain

have you read 50 yards to the outhouse by: Willie Makeit and Probly Not

Why did Steven hawking die? He tried to get the free cracked version of windows ten

no u !!!

What do you call a woman in Africa with tiled on her head ? Unstable roof

A man broke into stevie wonders house and threatened to kill his wife

He just turned a blind eye

My girlfriend asked me to tell a joke. I told her to look in the mirror. We never met again

Why is it poetic when they have plenty of those German sandals in the store? Because they’re Birkenstock.

Two men were bartering over a marble slab. A lot of counter-offers were made.

My mom said the happier a person is when sick the sooner they get better.

So I went to the hospital hooked up everyone’s breathing masks to laughing gas.

Where’s a cannibals favorite place to eat?

Chilli’s. Because they got them baby back ribs.

‘’ What place can you always find suicidal cows at? ‘’

“Mc Donald’s.”

What does a glass of water ask a pond? Water you doing? What does the pond answer? Pondering life.

Tilted Towers is gone.

Stephen Hawkins drove to far away from the wall and unplugged himself

whats the difference between a baby and an onion? i cry when i chop up an onion

What is the one thing wrong with Asian pet stores… There is always a kitchen in the back

myles parfitt ;/

why did aaron slit his wrists because its him