Why is it called Cracker Barrel if only black people go there?

on a date me - "I get to work with animals all day" her - "How sweet! What do you do?" me - “I’m a butcher.”

What’s the hardest thing walking through a field of dead children?

My p.....

How many babies does it take to light up a basement?

I don’t know, my basement is still dark.

A man (ameenya sheed) text a nother man(bob) and said

“Hi im, ameenya sheed.”

Bob" you not in my shed because i dont have one but i have a garage, i dont think your in there:

A calendar asked the doctor how many time he’s got left. The doctor replyed: Till december

What do you call a Mexican that dives into a pool. Bean Dip

I have fun goin on dem roller coasters that go really high up and sittin by random people and once we get to the high point I look at the stranger and go wham and unplug they seat bealt

So there was school shooting in Florida why didn’t the shooter just go to Disney…sorry i just work there and I’m trying to get people to come on down.

Cashier: Will you want the milk in a bag today sir?

Customer: I’ll just keep it in the carton if you don’t mind.

What pool never runs dry? The one on the Titanic.

Whats a pedafiles favorite holiday Holloween free delivery

Why doesn’t Hitler get invited to BBQs? Cause he burns all the Frank’s

I met a man named Jebidiah, on X-Box Live.

How many policemen does it take to screw in a light bulb?

None, they beat the room for being dark.

I heard the man who invented Autocorrect died; may he wrist in peach.

He asked for a shot of beer?? He got shot and killed

How is being gay like a geology class? You get to lick all the rocks you want

I went to a seafood shop

I pulled a muscle

How is being gay like a geology class? You can lick all the rocks you want

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