Worst Jokes Ever

in Depression

Scan my wrist for 75% off!!

in Hairline

Your hairs line goes so far back that cars on a highway don’t know wich Way to turn.

in Orphan

Sonic says: If you’re bored, punch an orphan. What’re they gonna do. Tell they’re parents

in Orphan

Why dosnt the police arrest orphans? Because they aren’t wanted

in Emo

What do you call a flat emo?

a cutting board


How do you name an asian child?

Ring the doorbell.

Why did the chiken cross the road? to get to your moms house Knock Knock you: whos there? Your new father!

Slurper 2.0
in Nan

Me: “What are you doing??” Bully: “Where’s my nan’s urn?!?” Me: “I don’t know.” Bully: “Tell me!! says worthless shit” Me: “Next time you’re looking for the urn, don’t bother, I smoked her ashes. They were so fucking good. I then used a quarter of them as an exfoliator, cleared my acne and eczema btw!! Then built sandcastles with them, then blew them in your family’s face after!”

Don’t bully kids.

eli's girlfriend

ye eli is hot


An Orphan asked if they could move into my house yesterday, i said “Don’t you have a family?”


What do you call a dinosaur with good eyesight…do you think he saw us

in Little Johnny

gotta number one victory royale

in Togo

ive benin there im ghana go ive got togo

According to all known laws of aviation
in Emo

Why was the emo kicked out of the circus? Because he was cutting in line!

in Forehead

the earth was flat until they buried you


My ex girlfriend got hit by a bus. I also lost my bus drivers licence.


What did the cat say when he got mad?

Im hissed