A: guess what kind of men/women do gold diggers like? Q: one that has a sense of money

What’s yellow and cant swim? a bus full of kids

You add words = bulshit

It was pornography class, and there was a break.

Two adults were “having a good time” till the teacher says…

Teacher: Hey! SAY ALL THE NUMBERS TO 10,000 NOW!

Adult 1: How about I say my abc’s?

Teacher: Go ahead, i guess…

Adult 1: A B C E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Teacher: Wheres the D?

Adult 2: Inside me…

What do LGBTQ+ people use as a weapon in THG? (The Hunger Games)

A Rainbow.

Who are the fastest readers in the world.? Answer.9/11 victims they went through 80 stories in 5 seconds

Are you electricity? 'cause I wanna get a bath with you ;)

What do Roblox bots do that’s both a type of meat and an annoying thing?


I was at a funeral for some kids in a school shooting. I don’t understand why everyone was so sad, so I asked a lady, what’s so sad and she said “What do you think was running through these kid’s head before they died”. I replied “probably a bullet”, she gasped and said “do you have any idea how insensitive that is, what do you think is running through their parent’s heads”, I said " probably all the money their losing from this funeral".

Now from the top, make it drop, thats a wap thats a wap

me: stops the quiet kid from getting bullied :him: dont come to school tommorow trust me :me "/

Did you hear about the bank robber?

Turns out he got shot by the police

And he wound up in prison

How do you clean the ocean? With tide

What did death say during a helicopter crash?


a texan and an Alaskan walks in a room and the Alaskan says “my state is bigger” then the texan says “it won’t be when it melts”

On the plus side, I finally hear voices talking to me… just wish they outside my head

Words that have ho in them:

Thot Whore Asshole Horrible Horena (my ex gf)

What is a donkey called when it has a hole on itself?

An ASSHole.

What type of bird does not have feathers on itself?

A bald eagle.

Jeffery Dahmer has two things, an RV and a pit.

What is different about the two is that one can’t move and one has gas

But what is similar is tha-

Wait, what is Jeffery doing? He has a knife, he is pulling men’s pants down, he is…OH SHIT WHAT THE F-

Sorry bout that…

Now as i was saying

What is similar about the two is that one has and is a cockpit

Wait a cockpit- JEFFERY WHAT THE F-