Worst Jokes Ever

Worst Jokes Ever

How do u lift a depressed person up?

No need, they'll find a way to get on the tree somehow

Why’d Biden get fired from the supermarket He kept telling little kids they smell like freshly baked bread

Why don't rappers ever get lost?

Because they always know where the BEAT is

What’s the difference between 3 cocks and my sister My sister can’t take a joke about cocks in bed

Roblox Brookhaven be like

ABC if you wanna be adopted ABC if you wanna be my friend ABC if you wanna be a banker ABC if you wanna rob the bank ABC if you wanna date ABC if you wanna sex

A black lady goes inside the drug store and ask the pharmacist do you carry tampons and then the pharmacist asked the black lady do you want the mini pads or the maxi pads? and then the black lady ask the pharmacist what is the difference? and then the pharmacist ask the black lady what is your flow like? and then the black lady tells the pharmacist linoleum