Worst Jokes Ever

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in Dark Humor

I have an EpiPen.

My friend gave it to me while he was dying.

It seemed really important to him that I have it.

in Orphan

A boy is about to be sentenced for killing his parents.

He begs the judge to spare his life.

The judge asks for one good reason he should be shown any mercy.

The boy replies, “I’m an orphan, your honor.”

in Orphan

Welcome to Dave's orphanage u make it we take it


I will always remember my grandmas last words, what are you doing with that pillow

Christian h

What if Stephen hawking was the real slim shady but he couldn’t stand up

in Orphan

Why can't orphans play dodgeball because no one misses them

in Emo

Which one fell first. The Emo Kid or The Apple. The Apple because the rope caught the kid.


You know I would tell you a 9/11 joke, but it just doesn’t hit the spot

in Orphan

What is the difference between an apple and an orphan?

Apples get picked

in Orphan

What is a four leg animal called that can fly

A donkey flying in the sky running away from me

in Self Harm

Why do cats leave scratches on arms? They don't I do it myself

in Slavery

Why did the slave go to college? To get his master's degree.

in Orphan

Why don’t you see gay orphans at a daycare? They have no one to call daddy



in Blonde

A man marries a blonde chick, live a happy life together and the man asks his wife if she wants kids she says "yes". So, a couple years go by, they have one boy and one girl. They go to school, go home with their report cards and the dad asks what their grades were. The son says he's not doing well, same with the daughter. They ask why they're doing so bad in school, and the dad replies with "ask your mother that question"

Patrick Batman
in Fire

What do you call a gay kid on fire? LGBBQ.