You cant give a orphan homework

why did the dog cause the fight

because it was a bulldog

Of a midget walks up to you and tells you your hair smells nice, is that sexual harassment…

Papa John’s pizzeria and abortion clinic, You make 'em we bake 'em

The F in orphan stands for family… oh wait

A black man walks into a bar. He is then beaten to death.

what do you call a cow with no leg

why cant a orphans go on a field trip???

They need there parents permission😆😆😆😆😆😆

How can you tell a bow n’ arrows scared? He starts to quiver! ;)

Q why can’t orphans play baseball A they don’t have home to run back to

You got a black cat. He was bad luck. Everyone left you and you comited suicide. What a CATastrophe.

What do you find up a ghosts nose- a BOOger

Father then the priest says son Holy Spirit amen.No I was asking you a question father

I wish my grass was edgy… then it would cut itself…

A :This rice is very delicious! B :Ya! It is more delicious if it is cooked.

how come orphans cant play baseball . they cant find home

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Kid: hey dad whats dark humor ? Dad: go walk up to that homeless guy and throw a rock at him . Kid: but dad I dont have any legs or arms . Dad: exactly son.

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