Prince Jokes


how do you make prince andrew sad? you tell him your over 16


What did they find on Chris rocks face fresh prince

Your forehead goes back to when burger king was burger prince

Chris Rock: Jada I can't wait to see you in G.I Jane 2!

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song starts playing:

Will: I got in one lil fight about my wife's lost hair, she said,'' Will if you don't do something I'm gonna have an affair!'' 😂😂😂

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your hairline goes all the way back to when burger king was a burger prince

That guy

What's young, red and hot ptsd?

Prince Andrew victims

That guy

Roses are red violets are blue don't let your kids next to Prince Andrew

in America

at the age 100 you get a letter from the queen, at 12, you get a DM from prince charles.


When you turn 100 you get a letter from the Queen, when you turn 16 you get a DM from prince Andrew.


What does pink Floyd and princess Dianna have in common…, the wall has there last big hit

Lisa konie

Y did the csi team have to go to the purple rain shoot? ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤bc they had to dust for prince hahaha

Misstiano Penaldo
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Name-Kylian Fraudbappe Missing: 28/6/2021 vs Switzerland Characteristics: Disappearing in big games+Diving+always ranting "give me penalty" Possible Locations : Penalty Spot,Parc des princes, Paris Last seen- Manuel Akanji’s back pocket

Legend Watcher

Gwen-Kind-Positive-Lends a Helping Hand- Stops Bullies- Does Most Helpful Work- Addison Banks- Positive Voicing-Stops Hurtful Words- ALYA-Powerful in Thought- Helps- But Sadly Is Gone- Prince-Always Backed Up Gwen- But Sadly Is Gone Too- watersharky-Helps When Needed-Backs Up Anyone- Curses When Needed- Helps People Through Depression- These Are The Legends, There Are More Out There You Could Be One Too Just Lend a Helping Hand.

Kenya Bailey
in Gwen

or I dont know!

prince / lord tallie Leave Gwen alone for once! by the way you are an idiot!

Gwen The prince! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? I THOUGHT YOU WERE TOTALLY DEAD AND SO I STARTED DATING TANNER! But don't worry, I'll break up with him immediately!

prince / lord tallie Oh don't worry, I love it! By the way, can't we do our late night talk? My wyfi comes out just before we can! I love you even more! 😘

Gwen Oh thanks! I thought you would hate me! And yes, we don't have to chat at night, but the days are going to be choppy. I love you!

Gwen Bo to boring jokes

Tanner Fuck off

Kenya Bailey Excuse me?

Gwen Tanner, it was all my fault, I shouldn't have tried to date you so fast and did you see the talk about the boring jokes?

Zre Who the hell is tanner?

Ha Wait a second, he's your boyfriend!

Kenya Bailey Okay guys, let's not get into your business, okay! Let's see funny jokes

ha Yes you're right

Zre Ok

Zre Still, who the hell is Tanner! But hey, this your toddler's toy! Even though i thought i was prince

Gwen I thought Prince was dead so I started dating Tanner, then I realized Prince was alive.

in Night

How do you find will smith? you look for the fresh prince


Gwen: Prince they told me you'd be crying back. What do you want?

Prince: Nothing...BUT CAN WE GET BACK TOGETHER!?!?!

Gwen: Sorry...BUT...I have a life to live now I'm logging of this site and going to watch some tv I'll be back in 1 hour but we are done...DONE...DONE