A woman comes to the doctor and tells her ‘doctor, my husband wants intense sex all day, what should I give him?’ The doctor says ‘my number’

Have you ever tried sex when camping?

It’s fucking intense.

HAving sex while camping is f******* in tents (intense)…

One day a guy named Carson is called a jerk and he says "I went to a party with my girlfriend and this random guy walks up to us and says can I borrow your girlfriend for a 30 minutes I say yes and he takes her up stairs. It was not only 30 minutes but a hour. When she came back down she was out of breath so I knew it was a pretty intense conversation.this happens about 3 more times that night. But as I was saying only a nice guy would let his girlfriend make friends with other guys 😊😇

A fire broke out at the circus, it was intense.

Teacher: calls you up to the board. You: Ok. Gets intense boner has to fart really bad You: f***!!!

9/11 was just a really intense game of Jenga.