Classic Jokes

My favorite novel is "The Hunchback of Notre Dame". I love a protagonist with a twisted back story.

What are some another names for rape? There’s the classic “struggle snuggle” but then there’s my personal favorite “fuck fight”


Hey, I know this is a classic joke but I found it pretty funny!

"My name is 4, four like the number", my friend - "What, was 1 2 3 taken?"

I can even with it but I was bored and decided to share this x

Why do girls wear classic rock t shirts? Because they are stupid little bitches who need to grow some fashion sense because wearing old shit doesn't make you unique

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite, and if they do, hit them with a shoe, till there all black and blue!


Have any of you guys heard the classic airplane jokes? here's a good example...

A farmer, a doctor, and a terrorist are on a plane. An engine fails, and they are going to crash, so the pilot asks everyone to throw out some items. The farmer threw out his apple harvest, the doctor threw out medical supplies, and the terrorist, (not needing a bomb apperently) through out his briefcase of bombs. They still crashed, and they started walking to the nearest town. They passed a boy who was running. "why are you running?" "My dad got hit by a shiny red object and now he's bleeding!" They three of them decide it's best to keep quiet, and continue. They then passed a crying girl, who said that her brother had been killed by a scalpel from heaven. They said nothing and continued. Finally, they see a boy laughing so much he is in tears. They ask him, "What's so funny?" "Grandma farted and the house blew up!"

When my mom said you have to listen to classical music at my new school. I had to listen to it at twenty four seven, after that I sang the song the wrong melody for my music teacher 😎