Caretaker Jokes

people call me a bad person but just the other day i saw a little kid crying and asked him where were his parents , i love working at the orphanage

I saw this kid sitting on the sidewalk and asked him where are is parents

I love working at a orphanage

I ask the orpahan why he was crying. He didn't really say anything. The I asked where are your parents? He cried more. I love working at the orphanige.

i saw a kid crying in the corner of the room and i said " are you OK? where are you parents" and he started crying even more. I love working in an orphanage

I intern at an orphanage that burned down this weekend with 30 kids inside. Thankfully I don’t have to call and tell their parents.

I saw a little boy sitting ona curb wearing rags. i said: "aww are you an Orphan?" And he responded with "Yea. What gave me away?" And i said: "Your parents."

I saw a little kid crying today. I asked where his parents were, and he started to cry more. I left the orphanage to get some milk after that.

There was this intern that worked at an orphanage and she burnt it down luckily she don't have to tell there parents