Amber Jokes

What do you call Amber Heard crying during the lawsuit?

A DEPPression.

(If you are a fan of either Johnny Depp or Amber Heard, you might get the joke)

I don't blame Amber Heard for wanting Elon Musk. Especially if Johnny Depp is hairy and smells like a port-o-potty full of cigarettes and gunsmoke.

Stacy:: honey I'm kinda new to texting what does lol mean?

Justin: I'm not sure, lots of love I guess

Margert: Stacy are you there, I don't know if you heard but Amber and her 3 kids were killed in a car crash this morning I'm in total shock

Stacy: lol

Treon: I don't care about Vorkie.

Amber: You should, she could be a great person for the company.

Treon: We don't need another one we got 100 people in here no need. Now amber please just go make your self useful.

Amber: Fine!!!!!

A friend of mine told me something that I cannot forget and I am now traumatized to hell, the next day a kid was set for an amber alert that looked exactly like my DEAR friend. :)


Gina: Maryen? Karlya? Amber? Kristie? Why isn't it listed that she's here?

Zari: Your sister is'nt listed in the meantime, just relax.

Gina: That still doesn't answer why she's not listed. I want her to see me!

Zari: Anyway, it will be time for your medications, we have the gixen and the Uiasends.

Gina: Do you know my sisters name?

Zari: Yes. Her name is Jalien.

Gina: Fine I don't care!!!