Addison Banks

Addison Banks Jokes

Hi, you guys dont know me, but i have my best interests at heart. Im a kind person who wants to put a stop to the bullying. I think that gwen, addison banks, watersharky, ect. are kind people! also, i kinda like watersharky...

Gwen-Kind-Positive-Lends a Helping Hand- Stops Bullies- Does Most Helpful Work- Addison Banks- Positive Voicing-Stops Hurtful Words- ALYA-Powerful in Thought- Helps- But Sadly Is Gone- Prince-Always Backed Up Gwen- But Sadly Is Gone Too- watersharky-Helps When Needed-Backs Up Anyone- Curses When Needed- Helps People Through Depression-

These Are The Legends, There Are More Out There You Could Be One Too Just Lend a Helping Hand.

HI everyone that is mean to freshfry,Addison banks, drew,watersharky,Gwen,and jk master fucking get off this site bully's I love everyone here except the bullies!

Attention To Everyone- I will be leaving for 3 weeks for a Summers Break. I will be back in 3 weeks, When I come back I want someone to tell me everything that has happend over these weeks. (Gwen or Addison Banks). Sincerely, watersharky.