Q: Why does Helen Keller masturbate with one hand? A: So she can moan with the other.

What did Cinderella say when she got to the ball? She gagged and moaned.

Sister: (moaning) go get mom, she’d love this Me: but Billy’s with her right now Billy: UGHHHH…MMMMM Dad: hurry up Billy, I want to see you for a moment…

I dated a German girl, it was very annoying when she kept on screaming her age and moaning.

my sister reminds me of 911 one moan of OMG got everyone’s attention.

So Dora is having a sleepover with her cousin Diego at Dora’s house. So later that night Dora’s mom hears someone screaming go Diego go for at least a couple of minutes and then it stops and goes back to sleep. But then hears the same thing a couple minutes later and walks in and hears go Diego go so she walks over to Diego’s sleeping bag a looks and it’s empty so she walks over to Dora’s sleeping bag and looks in and See’s Dora getting f… By Diego and hears Dora saying go Diego go while moaning.

why dont vegetarians moan during sex?

Because they dont want to admit that meat makes them happy

So Jesus has been nailed to the cross. On the first day, he starts to moan, “Peter, Peter”.

Well, Peter hears Jesus moaning and feels it is important, so begins to go up the hill. On his way, he is met by some Roman soldiers and they proceed to beat his ass back down the hill.

On the second day, Peter hears Jesus moaning again, “Peter, Peter”.

Peter thinks to himself, this is important. He heads up the hill, fights past the first line, but gets a beatdown by the second group and back down the hill he goes.

On the third day, Peter is woken up by Jesus sounding very weak, but calling out, “Peter, Peter”.

Peter feels that whatever it is that Jesus needs him for, must be very important. Peter heads up the hill, he is on a mission. He manages to fight his way thru three sets of Roman guards and make his way to the cross Jesus has been nailed to for three days. He looks up to Jesus, and says “Jesus, I have heard your calls, what is so important”?

Jesus- “Peter, I can see your house from here”.

Linda and Peter are having sex. Peter goes in and out hard then fast and the begins to taste her tits. Finally, he moves down the the vagina and eats her hard. His rouge is inside her body, loling around. He fucks her hard again and his dick slicks up her vagina. The entire time she is moaning and begging for more. When Linda cums on his penis she begins to lick his balls hard. Peter begins moaning too saying,” Linda your just as amazing at fucking at your sister.”

What is the difference between a retard and a zombie anyway?

They’re always hungry and shuffle around aimlessly, moaning…Oh, and it takes a bullet in the forehead to put them both down.


when you see your friend you call the police but they just moan

So a guy is taking a piss in a public bathroom. He looks over and sees a short guy with a very large green dick, who looks up at him and says “is there a problem boyoh?”. “I’m sorry, it’s just that thing is huge, and why the hell is it green?!”. The man reply’s “I’m a leprechaun”. “Really?” says the man. “That’s right. And I’ll grant you three wishes if you let me stick it in your pooper”. “Anything I want?! 3 of them?” reply’s the man. “Anything in your wildest dreams boyoh, but you have to let me finish”. The man bends over, and the leprechaun puts in in, thrusting back and forth he asks for the man’s first wish. “I want a giant yacht” “Aye”, says the leprechaun. “It’s pulling into your own private harbor now”. “For my second wish I want a billion dollars” the man says, beginning to sweat. “Aye, it’s stacked inside the yacht waiting for you” the leprechaun reply’s. “Okay”, the man groans in pain. “For my final wish I want this yacht to be full of beautiful women”. “You betcha boyoh” says the leprechaun. “The girls are there waiting for you nooWWW” as he lets out a moan of pleasure. The man exhausted and sore says “that was rough, but worth it for those wishes. Where do I go?”

The little man with the giant green dick, pulling up his pants, his accent now gone says: “aren’t you a little old to be believing in leprechauns?”.

me: i’m going to get burrito 🌯

friend : you can have my burrito baby


friend : begins to moan

me : finna hang up

Why can’t Jordan moan?

Because his parents are in the room next to him. Asleep.