Ching chong

Ching Chong Jokes

how do asians name there kids?

they throw pots and pans down the stairs. (ching chong dong)


How do chinese people name there children? They thro pots and pans down the stairs and listen for the sounds, Ching Chong Chang.


i have fuck and sex with all the sexy naked ladies and they suck my balls (penis) but you aint have no girl friend your only friend yhey call him ching chong coz of your hairrline

Ever wonder why pandas are endangered? Well, China's overcrowded, and therefore they're starving. They have to eat...

Panda: "My god. They're coming! Run! They're hungry! Run! Roll down the hill!"

Chinese People At Bottom Of Mountain With Spears: "Ching chong wing bong KABOB!!!"