Allergic Jokes

my friend died from an allergic reaction.he gave me an EpiPen while he was dying so now i have something to remember him from.


My friend had an allergic reaction after he ate a peanut. We got his EpiPen to help him when penaldo appeared because he heard the word PEN. He tried stealing the pen but I said "no pens for you". And “brentford”.He cried and ran away. Shame on you penaldo the fraud.

There is a kid in my class who is allergic to peanuts. He says hes gay- he can't be tho.. he's allergic to nuts!


sso i was in the lunch room and was sitting by the peanut allergic kids table i stood up and i threw a opened bag of peanuts at them and yelled. "25 kill streak" 🤣😂