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what do you call animal under ground, a fossil.

my class is my house is quite I suck a dick now one cares

why did he not love anymore his battery died

your so poor you stink like poo poo in your doo doo

Why was 7 afraid of 9, because he’s a registered six offender.

I got my sister a trampoline for her birthday but she won’t get out of her wheelchair and use it.

But y

Poopy loopy

How does the Eskimo make a house of cards?

Igloos it.

How do curcensize a redneck? Kick his sister in the jaw.

Why was six scared of seven — seven are nine

Joe, l wish you had never asked me to scout for a fresh tight end

Climb high climb far Get high get far

So I made a simple cancer joke on roblox with my friend an then both hers dumb ass friends we’re like, OMG WHY WOULD U SAY DAT? YOUR HORRIBLE!! THAT PISSED ME OFF like damn woman it’s not like I said, IF PEOPLE IN YOUR FAMILY DIED FROM CANCER THAT MEANS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE ALL DUMB ASSES. If anything they are actually dumb asses but hey. Also they can’t talk. They don’t know that I’m abused everyday at home and pressured to get good grades or else I’d get my head bashed against a wall till there is blood. So if they are reading this, SUCK MY ASS BITCH

What do you say to a woman who is completely beaten up on her face, full of bruises and a broken jaw?

Will you listen now?!?!?

So i met this girl and she was 9 out of 10 i meat this outher girl who was 7 years old the 7 year old 8 my 9 out of 10 girl cause 7 was a psychopath.



What do you call 3 people in a dark room? A p...o

an old indian was buried on the side of a hill, what did he say.

nothing, he was dead.