What the difference between an Irish wedding and a Irish funeral, one less drunk.

An Irish-man walks out of a bar

What did the suicidal leperchaun say Irish i was dead

An Irish guy walks out of a bar…

What do a coin and an Irish man have in common? They’re both fun to flip off.

What do you ca an Irish man that breaks up fights? Liam Malone

Luck of the Irish my ass, I just blew a tranny and an engine in my truck both in the same week… Boy it really ruined my day when they found out about each other.

I wonder if the 2 Irish kids off the Titanic movie who went to sleep before it sank had wet dreams?

Bring a knife into the shower. NEVER gunna see that coming! He pulls the curtain like ‘ re re‘ and your like ‘ re re ‘ yourself motherf*ucker and stab him right in the eye! You thought the psycho was out there? SUPRIZE the psycho’s IN HERE with the Irish Spring on them!

An Irish man walks out of a bar. It can happen.