Ba Jokes

A couple enters a Chinese restaurant. Took their seats. The waiter asked ‘Xiang Chi Shen Ma’ and the wife said ‘Chi Ji Ba’

What was the last thing on the minds of the 9/11 jumpers ... ...

Their knees *Ba dum tss*


A Down child is drowning, he calls help with all of his voice:<<Somebody help me!! I'm Downing>>


little Johny asked teacher wy you where no shirt teacher sys because i want to teacher drops her pencil and picks it up the class starts laughing what so funny a kid took of your ba and we see your squish sexy boobs

Me: Hey, are you going to Sawcon?

Sensei: What is that?

Me: Saw con deez nu...

Sensei: Oh, is it for people with ligma?

Me: What’s ligm...


Me: no no no no

Sensei: Ligma ba...

this one time i said to a person that tehy are dry they i was wet (ba dum tiss) my bully said i have to shut up i said shut down (ba dum tiss)