Assignment Jokes

The other day at school we had to write down our hero and what we would do if they walked into our house. I got off easy because my hero is Stephen Hawking.


My teacher gave us an assignment and one of the questions was "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I answered "Happy". The teacher said I didn't understand the test, I said to her that she didn't understand life

I wasn’t understanding what I had to do for homework, so my teacher said “ Let me break it down for you like the twin towers.”


I tour up my homework, but I then replaced it with this copy it may look like it but trust me its diffrenet! The answers ARE RIGHT better than left!

Teacher: this assignment is big. Student(male): I have something that’s big. Teacher: yeah your forehead

who's a pineapple? I'm a pineapple...Yass teacher and kid kid: hey teacher: yes kid: would you punish me for something I didn't do? teacher: of course not kid: well I didn't do my homework

why did the chicken cross the road? he had to finish his essay or the teacher was gunna whoop his fat butt cheeks

i asked my mom what her biggest regret was for a project at school and she said oh go look in the bathroom above the sink.........there was a mirror