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I was at a train station and a woman ran up to me and asked is this train running on time, I said no it runs on steam and coal

I arrived at a restaurant early and manager said do you mind waiting a bit? I said I don’t mind and he said OK. Take these trays to table 9.

Yesterday I purchased a world map And told my wife to throw a dart, and wherever it lands I will take her turns out we're spending three weeks behind the fridge

My proctologist used to be a photographer, he took x-rays and told me to bend over and say cheese

I met a fat chick at the beach. People started asking me what I use for bait. Or do you want us to help throw the Whale back in the water?

I ran into a fat woman today she said next time don’t hit me. I said I don’t think I have enough gas to go around. Then the ground start to rumble with every step she took

I complained to my dad why he never took me to the zoo. He said they want you they’ll come get you.

I just encountered a father and son moment over some milk The dad finally came back with the milk

This was a few months ago. I used to help people load and unload inventory, one day I’m driving home after having lunch with my sister, and she asked if we can stop at the next gas station,I told her so you can weigh yourself on the truck scale.

Last year, I gave my brother a BB gun for his birthday, he gave me a T-shirt with a bullseye on it. I asked him what was the bullseye for he said target practice

Do you ever look at a person and think, "Just how many generations of inbreeding did it take to create you?"

Why can't science be combined with religion?

Cause science creates skyscrapers and planes, while religion combines them