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Kids uncle " your mum said you can have your friends round tonight ! But imma have to baby sit today" . Kid “OK THANK YOU”. (AT BED TIME ) Kid " Please may u stop touching my leg BEN!" Ben “im not " (turns light on ) Kid " UCLEEEEE STOP SPILLING MILK OVER ME !!!”

How do you plane a party in space? you have to planet

Five little monkeys jumping on a bed, one fell off and bumped his head. Mummy called the doctor and the doctor said “I’m gay!”

Why did the orphan go to church?

So he gets to call someone father.

What do you call a cringey Indian man - A Cringian

sorry the joke is bad :(

When your exercising and you feel the “gush”

your mumma so fat she takes up 4 seats of the sofa

My family is like Donkey Kong a real pain in the ass

Doin your mom, doin doin your mom………

You know we straight with doin’ your mom!!!


my dick hard

What happens when two pieces of bread from the same loaf have sex

They become in-bread

I Need to go to the hospital cause im getting shot by a PUN

My mom show me that she could deep throat a banana. I ask how you know how to do that. My mom said I practice on your step father.

I ask my sister why does the Chinese owner brings us free food all the time. My siister said to me I love him long time.

The Chinese food owner always brings us free food. I ask my sister why does he does that my sister said Iove him long time.

How many degrees does it take to change ice into boiling water? 199, because, the difference between -100 and +100 is 199 (excluding the zero, because it’s not real and it doesn’t exist because it’s not real). Get?

(A scientist time travels into the year 2024)

Scientist: So, what happened with the storming of Area 51?

Pedestrian: Oh, you mean The 51 Massacre?

Jack and Jill went up the hill, they turned to drunks and have no will, Jill said to Jack your love reveal, then think of building me a still.