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I like to eat moms spaghetti now try it with the NEWWWW VEGETTIIII, turn any vegetable into pasta

What did the dick said to the ass hole?

You need another dick

Have you ever had African water??

Neither have they

I was talking to my old friend, they said " We should hang out more! "

I said " you mean we should ketchup?"

This for you roman y e e t

A blind man walks into a bar.

And a table.

And a chair.

so i walked into this bar, and thought, “wow. this is a dull joke.”

i don’t like jokes.

i hate it when i accidentally eat out my dog lol

Want to hear a joke its called life

Roses are red Roses are red Roses are red I smell burnt toast

What do autism and down syndrome have in common? They both don’t have any idea whats going on.

My jokes are cancer.

what’s the difference between broccly & boogers people don’t eat there broccly

BOB:Wanna know a joke

LILLY: What ur hat?

BOB: no my life :’(

Why did Arnold throw his clock out of the window?

It reminded him of Richard clocks, a man convicted for knife raping his wife

a man was forced off the Eiffel Tower, but he flew back up. The executionares asked “how’d you do that?” he said, " I had magic chips, here, take some"they eat them, jump off and die.

He asks for more chips, and the guy says “you’re a real a**hole when you’re drunk superman.”

I’ve done a ton of work today A SKELE-Ton of work