why did the skeleton did not cross the road

beaucuse it did not have the gusts

my dad died lol

My p.... is on fire

Have you ever been eight before?

You were between 7 and 9

One day johnae said what do you call a family outing ‘‘INCEST’’ LOW KEY jOHNAE FUKS KIRBY AND PEACH

What’s the good thing about f...ing 21 year olds?

There’s twenty of them

My mom gave me a golden shovel and a hoe, I said why do I need this she said that you every year.

Why does shit come out your asshole? Cause f... you that’s why

What do you call a Down syndrome kid who has been physically abused by older teenagers and her parents for a total of 16 years and has red marks all over there body?

Not funny because Down syndrome jokes aren’t funny ;)

Why did spencer eat cheese. Because he was Jewish


My Life

what gay PURDGAY

Q)what was the last pizza delivery to 9/11? A)2 large planes.

What did the mommy tomato tell the little tomato,

U better ketchup

why did sally drop her ice cream come? because she got hit bye a bus. subscribe to my youtube channel to find more jokes like this one.search Irs Calvin and the pic of the kid ,thats me

only fortnite players will get it. where do you get salt water? salty springs

i am cool


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