Worst Jokes Ever

A wife was cleaning 12-year-old son’s bedroom When she found a load of serious bondage gear and fetish mags, she asked her husband, “what do we do?” The husband said, “I’m no expert, but I wouldn’t fucking spank him.”

when I see the little brother in a video get everything i try t and get grounded ;-;

my mom give me your stuff bc u have bad grades me HOW ABOUT MY 5 LITTLE BROTHER I HAVE A- HE HAS f- she lets him play anyway and i dont

when my bro says YOUR MOM when I'm talking when I'm at school talking and my friend says YOUR MOM me punches him;-;

my mom and dad: KIDS COME DOWNSTAIRS TO EAT me: what's for dinner Mom and Dad: food The next day KIDS COME DOWNSTAIRS FOR FOOD my brother and sister what's for dinner: mr: food ;-;