A man puts in ten jokes into a joke contest. He hopes that at least one will. Sadly, no pun InTenDid.

What the difference between Rubik’s cube and a p....?

I don’t know but they both get harder the more you play with them

How is being gay like a geology class? You can lick all the rocks you want

One day a boy asks his grandfather for some money, and the grandpa says “well can your dick touch your asshole?” To which the boy replied “no”. So the grandpa says “okay.” And leaves it at that and walks off. A few years later the boy asks his grandfather for some money again and his grandfather once again asks “can your dick touch your asshole?” To which the boy proudly says “yes it can.” To which the grandpa says “good, now go f... yourself.”

What did Steven Hawlkings last words? Error 404 File Not Found

What would Martin Luther King Jr be if he was white


Why did Sally fall off the swing? Because she had no arms. Knock Knock (Who’s there) Not Sally

If u want to pick on someone, pick on orphans. Let them tell their parents. Double! Where did Sally go during the bombing? Everywhere! Triple! Why did Bob cross the road? Because he wasnt wearing his seatbelt.

why did stephen hawkins wife get annoyed with him? He had an affair with Alexa

Children should never run with scissors and lesbians should never scissor with the runs

Why do ducks have feathers?

To cover their butt-quack.

So Stephen Hawking walked into a bar- just kidding.

Someone stole my toilet and the police have nothing to go on.

What’s the difference between a school and a isis military base? Don’t ask me I only fly the drone…

What did the fish say before he hit the wall? – “Oh, dam.”

Q: What’s the difference between me and you? A: I’m not wasting my time reading this joke.

What do you call a midget with autism

A weetard

How does NASA organize a party? – They planet.

I thought my vasectomy would keep my wife from getting pregnant, but apparently it just changes the color of the baby.

What is a pedophiles favorite part of a hockey game?

Before the first period.

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