What do most disabled people eat there arm

why does adam buy airsoft guns you might ask? to defend himself against his own father… his life must be shit

why does adam go hockey you might ask? in my opinion he shouldnt go cus he is bad but he needs the armour to protect him self from his own STEP-DAD

why did brandon harass syndey because she dident want to eat his foreskin

your not my dad

how are urinals made - they get installed

whys hughs mum so f...ing fat cause she ate the 34 other kids she had but now only has 6789.

yo mama so blind that when she played fortnite she got she got her vision back got em

How did Stephen hawking die. He lost a water gun fight

what did the porg say to the porg? Hi Porg

youre on worst jokes ever, you thought I put up a good joke? HAHAHAH!

A 60 year old man said his wife called him a paedophile the other day, strong words for a 6 year old

What do you call a Down syndrome kid who has been physically abused by older teenagers and her parents for a total of 16 years and has red marks all over there body?

Not funny because Down syndrome jokes aren’t funny ;)

I used to work at a candlestick factory, but only on the wickends! It was illuminating !

gay shit

Why did spencer fart? because he’s jewish

What do autism and down syndrome have in common? They both don’t f...ing have any idea whats going on.

A man named Icide ruined my life. I asked a friend if he would help me sue him. He said yes. But for some reason, he killed me. All I wanted was for someone to help me sue-Icide…

To the people who have seen Meet The Fockers at the movies and they hated it, Fock You Motherfockers!

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