44 Jokes

why were 6 scared of 7? 7 8 9 then why was 10 affraid? it was between 9/11.

what do u think was going thru the heads of the 9/11 victims on floor 43? floor 44 💀💀

what type of file does it take to turn a 4 mm hole to a 44 mm hole:

A pedophile


A guy walks into a bar with a 44 magnum and says who the fucks be fucking my wife the room goes silent, the guy in the back finishes his beer and says you ain't got enough bullets.

A man walks into a bar with a 44. Magnum and yells who the fuck fucked my wife. The bartender answers "Mate you ain't got enough bullets."

Once there was a midget man jumping on a pothole saying 43,43,43. A kid walks up to the man and says “why are you saying 43,43,43”. The man stops and looks at him then he starts jumping again and says 43,43,43. The kid asked him again and so on. Then the man stops opens the pothole throws the kid in, closed the starts jumping in says 44,44,44!!!

My neighbor is in the Guinness World Records. He has had 44 concussions. He lives very close to me. 
A stone’s throw away, in fact.

What's the difference between the 44 out of the 45 people who died in the Yaroslavl crash and the nine people who died in the helicopter crash? Only one was ever famous. Vasicek and Kobe Bryant were the champions

There was a doctors room filled with 20 women 4 kids 15 men and 1dog However there were forty foreheads. How is this possible.(they will think 44 heads, not 40 foreheads)

Because there are 40 foreheads not 44 heads

I was excited to finally watch the new documentary on Netflix. It was about Pessi’s UberEats career. In the trailer Pessi delivered food to French farmers. I watched the documentary and got shocked when I found out how finished Pessi is. He delivered one Pizza in 44 attempts.