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What do you call a high school student? Alone and depressed.

Why Did The Columbine High School Basketball Team Lose The Big Game? Because They Lost Their Two Best Shooters…

do you know who didn’t graduate high school this year?

the Parkland kids

All school meetings introductions:

Grade School; “Welcome Girls and Boys!”

Middle School; “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome!”

High School; “Fingerers and fingerees,”

what do you call a down syndrome who graduated high school? impossible

the columbine high school basketball team hasnt been the same since they lost there 2 best shooters

A 23 year old priest walks into a high school with an automatic weapon.He tells those who believe in god to stand up and leave.To the children who don’t leave ,he says ,"Do not worry my children,I shall make thou ‘hole-y’ as well."He then proceeds to shoot all of the students left.

Roses are red, violets are not, everyone at Grant high school is probably a thot.

Why did every one quit the high school volleyball team: To join COACH KYLE"S team of course.