Concentration Jokes

in Yo mama

Yo mama so stupid, she stared at a juice box because it said concentrate


If I make a summer camp for kids with concentration problems will it be a Concentration Camp?


Where did Hitler send kids with ADHD? Concentration camp.


What type of camp does a kid with adhd go to. Concentration camp


YO MAMA! Yo mama so stupid… she stared at an orange juice carton… because it said CONCENTRATE!


What’s the differencd between prison and concentration camps? At least you don’t die when you shower.

in Blonde

Why did the blonde stare at the carton of orange juice? Because it said concentration camp

Throw away account
in Offensive

My grandpa died during world war II. He was the best concentration camp guard they have every seen. RIP.


Junkyard dogs may be mean, but the meanest dogs are the ones guarding concentration camps.


Man: I’m here for the job interview Employer: Oh good, good. Sit down. We don’t get many people for the interviews. Man: Just anywhere? Employer: Yeah, make yourself comfortable. Jackson, right? Man: Yeah that’s me. (Shakes hands and sits back down) Employer: So what makes you eligible for the job, Jackson? Man: Well, I’m really good at capturing the perfect shot and angle. it really takes dedication to do this type of job. Concentration and willpower, sir. Employer: I like you already, you’re hired! Man: Wow thanks, sir. I know i won’t do you wrong. I’ll work hard for this job! Employer: You start now! Your first person is a man named John F Kennedy. Man: What? You want me to just take pictures of him during the parade? Employer: No. Man: This… This is a photography job right? Employer: No… this is a job employment for man hunting.