Chin Jokes



What did the Chinese man say to the to his wife? I'll chin you later



Hey, you have something on your chin, no the 3rd one down.



bully: your mom gay me: there something on your chin bully: where me: no, on your fourth one


bruhmoment lmao

When you get caugh about to shoot up the school. *slowly puts AR to chin*



Man is out west driving and on the edge of town comes across a tourist stand and sitting in front is with an Indian chief right out of central casting. Dour look, full headdress, a glass jar and a sign that says "Indian chief know all! $5". So the fellow's curiosity gets the better of him and he goes up to the chief, puts $5 in the jar and asks "What did I have for breakfast on this day 10 years ago?". Chief taps his chin for a moment and says "Hmmm eggs. You had eggs!". "Eggs?" shouts the guy "Everybody has eggs! I've been had!" throws his hands in the air and leaves in a huff.

Ten years on, as fate would have it the fellow has occasion to be driving through the same town and sure enough he comes across the same stand, Indian chief, sign and jar. So he stops the car and saunters across the road, goes up to the chief like a smart-ass, holds up his hand and says "How". Chief taps his chin for a moment and says "Poached".



You have more chins than a Hong Kong telephone book!