Charles Jokes

in Hairline

Your hairline more bent than James Charles’ gender


What is the fastest thing in the world?

James Charles when he sees little boys


What is the scariest thing you’ll ever see in your life? James Charles thinking he has rights.

in America

at the age 100 you get a letter from the queen, at 12, you get a DM from prince charles.

f... me daddy

when i see james charles my popcorn goes pop pop

                                                   fuck me
Dax the horrible

What did John Cena say to Ray Charles? Hey, man.

in Bone

if you dont like the video in 10 second james charles will sleep with you tonight


What is the definition of Endless Love? Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder playing tennis!

Burt's Bees

Not everyone is perfect. Just take Charles Manson for example.


Jake Adkins watches James Charles

in Number

What NFL teams parts with James Charles!?

Green bay packers & New England Patriots


September 2020: Three makeup tutorialists, James Charles, Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook has gone through smoke after the controversy surrounding the three of them. Honestly, Tati and Jeffree are trash, I just don’t find their content interesting, and I don’t watch James Charles, but I also dislike his content.

Ok heres ur funi jokeee

Who is the best makeup artist?

Just because Jeffree has Star at the end doesn’t mean he is best