Cake Jokes

I went to the eyedoctor and I couldn't read. they showed me a picture of a birthday cake and I thought it was a menorah!

Here in I hop, we serve pancakes not pie cakes if so we can always bring in a chart that will Power the customer, his smile will remain at its current form, and police surely resisted when I said the word surely.

I was baking a cake when I saw some egg shell in the mix. I said “you’ve got to be yolking me”

My son asked me “ what is angel cake made of?” I reply by listing the ingredients in mr Kipling angel cakes, Then he shouts “STOP” I stop as I reach food colourings he slowly crawls towards me and says in a whisper “well in my angel cake I put angels in them” I freaked out about this so I calmed down and asked who did you put in this angel cake he said”grandma the one who died last Saturday”

Son: mom, is it possible to make a strawberry cake for me ?

Mom: no that's impossible

Son: but it is possible for your secret boyfriend right

Mom: no no please don't tell your dad i will make a strawberry cake for you

Son: daddy has already tasted your sweet strawberry cake so because of that i felt jealous ^_^



A boy walks into the bedroom and sees mom and dad having sex. The boy says,"What are you doing?" "Baking a cake." The next day he walked up to his mom doing dishes. "Remember when you were making a cake? I LICKED UP ALL THE FROSTING."


Why does a heterosexual man swallow the sperm of another man after he has giving him a brojob? because of the cream filling inside just like the individually wrapped cakes of hostess twinkies