Dead people can’t cross the street cuz there dead ha ha


What do you call a Jedi that can use the force to fly?

A Jedi Flight

Justin Masotti

Person: i’d really like it if you’d stop saying my name all the time Random Person: Cheesus! That hurt Person: SERIOUSLY!?!?!

How many babies does it take to paint a wall? Depends on how hard you throw them XD

What’s black and rings the doorbell? Stevie wonders answering the iron.

Why could the blind man not see

Answer because he is blind

why do Asians don’t wear contacts… CAUSE THEY CANT FITT

by Roni Cung

Why was 7 afraid of 9, because he’s a registered six offender.

But y

f... you

Poopy loopy

Once, I ate a skunk. It was hard because I didn’t get it down the whole way.

What was Brian Cant’s last words before he died?

“I used to do it, but now I cant!”

will Will Smith smith? Yes, Will Smith will smith.

why is megan a down

because her last name is downy

Joe, l wish you had never asked me to scout for a fresh tight end

My friend Arid asked me what I did over the weekend. I told him Arid

Get it? I read? no… ok.

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