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Yo mama so fat she fell into a pond and all the fish drowned

What do you call a Autistic kid?

A work of Daniel

What is Ba+ 2Na? Ans. Banana.

Every moon has a silver lining.

Two guys walk into a bar, the third one ducks…

how do you saw apple with no mouth a p p l e LMAO

whats the difference between a pool and a toddler? one doesn’t scream when you go in dry ;)

What do you call a fat chink? Saturn

Question: What’s brown and sitting on the piano bench?

Answer: Beethoven’s last movement

what do u call a Spanish footballer without legs? gracias

What has a head and tail but no legs? A penny

Wanna hear a pizza Joke? Nevermind it to cheesy

"Florida was ranked the worst state in the 50 states by Thriller." Florida: Well, WE didn’t want to give our oranges anyway!

Why did the skeleton go to the movies by himself?

He had no-body to go with.

Whats the difference between a bmw and a pile of dead babies? I dont have a bmw in my garage.

what do you call steven hawkings when he eats to much? as fat as ben dingley

Why did Steven Hawkings go to hell? Because he couldn’t go up the stairs to heaven

He couldn’t take the stairway to heaven he had to take the lift

He had a song named after him. They see me rolling

His name rhymes with walking and talking but he can’t do either