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Did you know that ASL is a dead language? Yeah, nobody speaks it.

What do you get when you cross a cat and a dines or a cat u sores

today i saw my son lick out a tub of butter, i told him to make a sandwitch without butter for a week (as a punishment) he said ‘ok’ and licked the bread. ‘it’s really easy to spread’ he said. LOL!

Why did greg go mad… because stephen stalked him

“Are you related to Yoda?” “Because Yo-Delicious.”

What did mother mary say when god farted? jesus christ you stink!

Me and my friends were talking. Then we got to talk about our wives. I said “So I married a valcono for a wife. You never know when she will blow up”

Women’s Rights

Do you now how chinese people roast they say boy if you dont get your chi chong head boy.

What’s Steven halking favorite song head shoulders knees and toes

Well tell her that Halloween is the best holiday because you can hide Easter eggs under the Christmas tree while eating a big Thanksgiving turkey

Roes are red violets are twisted come back to my place you might get fisted

Q:What is the best Disney character

A:toe mator

What do you call someone who farts in public.a private tutor

Did you hear about the cannibal that came home late? His wife gave him the cold shoulder.

why did 1 eat 2 cuz he was hungry

I bet a cripple would pay an arm and a leg for his limbs back

I have the heart of a lion and a life time ban at the New York zoo.

Asian without As is just sin.

A wife asks her husband: am I pretty or ugly? The husband awnsers her: pretty. The wife responds: thank yo- The husband interrupts her: PRETTY UGLY!