How do you get 11 million flowers? Run through Africa with a bottle if water.

guy1; were are we going? Guy2: west africa. Guy1: sweet lets take all their food… oh wait they dont have any.

Why are colds such bad robbers? – Because they’re so easy to catch.

Yo mama’s like a fridge she breaks down when she loses her cool

I find bananas very appeeling.

What was purple and conquered the world? Alexander The Grape.

Yo mama so stupid she thinks Bear Grylls is a restaurant.

What do u call a person with only one arm? Half-assed

When other people tell a joke; 3/3 people laugh. When I tell a joke; 1/3 people laugh, but 2/3 people stare into my soul.

A doctor fell into a well and broke his collarbone. The doctor should attend the sick and leave the well alone! (from a 1940 quotations book)

What do you call an Italian with an anesthetic?


Why don’t seagulls fly over the bay? Because then they would bexpect bagels.

If 2 vegetable have a argument is called beef

What do you call the Spanish translation of the 9th star wars movie? Rogue Juan.

Robert Ryall

Did u hear an out the guy who made knock knock jokes ? He won the no bell prize

50 Thumbs up for 10 jokes you´ve never seen!

i’m taking a guitar lesson at school, my band instructor told me he was going to hit me with my guitar, i Asked him if that was a fret

For steven hawking why is being drunk and having his power shutout the same He blacks out

why does sally hate herself, cause Sophie stole her boy

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