Worst Jokes Ever

House for sale: five minutes from the beach or eight seconds if you fall.

in Orphan

why do orphan’s hate any milk? there dad did not come back for 10 years oh sorry he got lost in the store🤧


damn Americans they fucking suck at clash royal.

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big juicy hot dog
in Son

DAD: son i came back SON: where is the milk? DAD: time for another 10 years


what do you call a dinosaur with a butt…a but asurus

Olivia Kay

Can bees fly in the rain?

Not if they don’t have their yellow jackets!

in Little Johnny

one day little johnny saw his grandpa smoking a cigar johnny said can i have puff grandpa said can your dick touch your ass johnny said no then thats your answer later that day johnny saw his grandpa drinking a drink johnny said can i have a sip grandpa said the same thing can your dick touch your ass johnny said no then thats your answer later that night johnny was eating some cookies in the kitchin grandpa said hi son can i have a cookie johnny said can your dick touch your ass grandpa said yes johnny said good go fuck yourself


What do you call a man with no head? airhead.

in Orphan

What is a Orphans favorite superhero? Batman

in Orphan

Peter: Curses Jacob: Do you kiss your mother with that mouth Peter: Crying Jacob: Why are you crying Jacob: Whatever * Leaves orphanage*

Dez nuts

What does Ligma and Bofa have in Common?

They both Rhydon my dick.

Quandale dingle

If i had 10 dyno nuggies and Jamal tried to take one i would have ten dyno nuggies and Jamal’s head


Nasa stands for nobody ask scientists anymore


What is the worst animal to play cards with … a cheater

Raymond “Ray” Sisman
in German

Why does Hitler need glasses?

Because he could Nazi


ted stinks


ur mom

Anonymes poop
in Orphan

why did the orphan cross the road and stop in a lane.to get run over