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F... you people who made the those jokes! (but some were funny but the starving one is messed up!)

why cant the blind man see, because he cant see

How do u name a Chinese person? You drop a metal spoon on a tile floor.

let me tell you a story there once was a bro who constantly choked on chodes he didnt want his bros to ever know that he constantly choked on chodes he lived in a dorm and all day he watched p... but still he would suck on some corn one day he would go to go choke on some tasty chode but his bros found out gave him a shout and kicked him out yeling that he broke the bro code

My 4 year old son was peaking out of his window with a telescope to see what he could find. I asked him “Can you see anything?” and he said “No, not a sausage.” and then a few seconds later he shouted “Oh wait I can see one!” I said “Oh really! What can you see?” he said “I see a sausage hanging down wiggling on some black man naked!”

A man walks into a sky scraper bar and takes a shot of tequila and jumps out of a window. An on looker watch’s this and is scared but what scared him most is when the same man who jumped cane back up a gain 10 minutes later. The onlooker who is amazed asked the man how he was still alive and the man said with a drunk slurred voice I “I don’t know every time I take a shot and jump I float right before I hit the ground!” The man demonstrates and as he said floated down and and came back up to the bar. The onlooker says that he must try slams a shot of tequila and jumps SPLAT! The bartender looks at the first man and says”Your and a-hole when your drunk Superman.”

What’s great about having Sex with Twenty Eight year olds?

There’s 8 of them.

your face

Why did Iran, ran? Iran said “Iran away”.

What’s the difference between a duck? One of it’s legs are both the same!

What is a box called when a cough dies in it?

A coffin

Why does a chicken cross the road

To poop and pee in the potty

From My 6 year old sister

Santa said my mom was good… But she is on the naughty list

Q:What do you call a man in a wheelchair? A: Disabled

Yo mama is so fat, when she sat on Black Temple it became Sunken Temple.

3 Vulcans walk into a bar.

The bartender asks the first Vulcan, “Y’all want a drink?” The first Vulcan says, “I don’t know.”

The bartender asks the second Vulcan, “Y’all want a drink?” The second Vulcan says, “I don’t know.”

The bartender asks Spock, “Y’all want a drink?” Spock says, “Yes.”