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A man was raping a woman and thought the year was 1970 and he exclaimed to the judge later that he was her husband. She got sent to the Asylum for Hysteria.

Wait, what? Was he actually her husband. He was a christian so that actually meant he was AFTER the rape.

Wait, what? the bible doesn't say that.

Actually yes it does and marital rape was legal until 1990.

WAIT WHAT? Thats not funny.

I'll tell ya whats funny, that you think the women have nothing to complain about.

Whats black and white and red all over? The darkness of your heart, the dishonour of your lies, and the embarrassment you feel when busted for both.

When God made Chinese he said "DON'T LOOK!" and the chinese said "why?" and God replied "You wont want to be fruitful and multiply if you saw where you are putting that thing"

It turned out the Chinese are very obedient to God.

When God made White Man he said "NEVER SHUT YOUR EYES" and the white man said "Why?" and God replied "You need to keep an eye out for the Chinese, one day they will out number you"

It turned out the Chinese are very obedient to God.

Then the white man said "there is a white genocide!"

And the survivors of the holocaust said "all these europeans killed each other so a white genocide is accurate, white killed white"

Then the Chinese said "thank you we take your land now"

And the Jews said "but we are God's chosen people!"

And the Chinese said "yes every time God show up you get bullied! you might want to worship someone else!"

And the Jews said "why are you chinese so lucky, you can't even see, you blind!"

And the chinese said "Jesus say be in the world not of the world, so dont go looky looky at the world then"

It turned out the chinese are very obediant to God.

What's the difference between a gun and a penis? The American government does not define you as having the constitutional right to a penis.

What is white, blue eyed, blonde haired and somehow was made in galilee during the roman occupation? An Itallian Renaissance painting that was carbon dated

Did you see that chinese man with no legs? No I'm blind.

Stop ruining my jokes. Isn't that the chinese man with no legs fault? Its not like He Go Ann Hi Weh

I miss the good old days when you could have a light joke at someone else's expense. Like doing that marital rape thing, it never used to be called that. It used to be called 'serving your husband" or "wifely duties". The real joke is that it was legal until 1990.

Why is that a joke?

Because it is piss funny seeing the look on her face when she wakes up in the middle of coitus.

Why is that a joke?

Dude come on you want to start your day off happy or not?

Why is that a joke?

She literally looks like she just seen a ghost and sort of flops about trying to fend you off like a rag doll. It's piss funny.

No seriously dude, why is that a joke? It sounds more like a felony.

"My wife is so crazy" said Beatem's McSmasher. "Why?" asked his buddy Don Caretomarch "She's sitting on the front verandah packing my shit in boxes!" "You getting kicked out bro?" "Yeah, all I did was break every plate in the house over her head. Some people have no sense of humor" "Is she one of them woke bitches?"