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this is cringeu9yiryuh4jrtyio smd f...ers

what do you call fallen water a waterfall

well i dont have a joke but…i have a poem my dick is red your p.... is blue i…lied to you

My dishwasher is broke

how did santa fit down the chimney he buterrd it

You never told me you were part orangutan, have you considered taking a vacation to Planet of the Apes?

what is the difference between a man peering through the key hole and a woman in the bath? one is rude and nosy the other is rude and nosy

Justin Masotti

Why do baby’s cry? Cuz they can’t suck very well.

What’s 2=2. A22

At night I became a mattress murderer

How many babies does it take to paint a wall? Depends on how hard you throw them XD

what do you call animal under ground, a fossil.

why did he not love anymore his battery died

why do Asians don’t wear contacts… CAUSE THEY CANT FITT

by Roni Cung

your so poor you stink like poo poo in your doo doo

Why was 7 afraid of 9, because he’s a registered six offender.

But y

Poopy loopy