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What do you call a crappy circumcision

A rip-off

Mom-go water the plants. Me-buts it’s raining outside. Mom-go grab the umbrella. Me-what???


what do blind people take for granet.sight

A nun went to the pub and ordered a gin the bartender said to her I thought nuns weren’t allowed to drink and she said not usually but I am doing the bishop a favour the bartender then asked if she was coming to the music evening and she said no I am with the bishop tonight.

Are yo an egg cause your jokes aint funny

I asked my friend if they wanted to hear a joke about sodium, and they said Na.

How did stephan Hawking died? He did have enough room for anymore ram on his motherboard. I feel so bad for saying that


Free blacks in the Civil War is the same as me drawing a reverse card in Uno.

What did the police man say to his belly button?

Your under a vest!

What Did One Bean say To The Other Bean !

How You Bean !!

Two tourists climb a mountain that utters certain doom. One tourist falls down. The tourist that’s still on the mountain says"You ok down there?" The other tourist says"Can’t i just rest in peace?!"

when she says she wrestle so you pull out your dick and she punches it

If you are ever mad, punch an orphan. What are they gonna do, tell their parents?

How do yo secks

With p....!

jajajajja funny joke epic laugh I have been detained please help

You wanna know why the Titanic was split in half? The iceberg hit it from the front and back.

I met this kid and he was being bullied by 9 people. I Asked 1 whats going on. They all said another one to bully they all tried hitting me and then my mates which was like 15 of them came in and it was like war all over again.

What did sally get for her 18 birthday a brick . Why did she get a brick she h