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A kid has an older brother that’s a very popular lifeguard. He sees all of the people that talk to his brother but he’s fairly ignored. So one day he asks his brother why everyone likes him so much. His older brother says “well all you gotta do is stick a potato in your pocket”. So the next day the boy goes back to the pool and he has a potato in his pocket, but everyone is avoiding him even more now. At the end of the day he goes up to his brother and asks why it didn’t work, and his brother says “dumbass, you were supposed to put it in the front!”

Why couldn’t a lifeguard save the hippie? – Because he was too far out man.

Yo’ Mama is so fat, her cereal bowl comes with a lifeguard.

what did the downie say to the lifeguard when he realised he couldnt swim?

‘‘Help me! Im downing!’’