in Emo

Like if you know someone is emo

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u mon


I want an emo gf those chicks are limited edition 😅

guys being emo isnt a choice can we stop forcing this stuff down peoples throats???? you cant just choose to be emo.... its a serious mental condition

FUCK EMO GIRLS! No, seriously, fuck them. They're hot.

emos are fucking weirdos

Fuck u bitch and hell ye get that ass bro

fuck all of you guys none of you have lives. like for real stfu.

me lol


Emos are weirdos


i know someone who is emo she has a big dick lmaooooo

Ur mum is an emo

I have not seen an emo in the wild for almost a decade

I'm sorry I don't know 'someone is emo.' Is he nice?

shut ther ufck up

Haha yeah


garis he is lithuanian

well im scene, does that count?

Being emo isn't a mental condition. It's just retarded people trying to look like Katy Perry. This website is for jokes like these. And if you're offended, then fuck off!


I am one. Honestly I find it funny how ppl think emos r sad, depressed ppl who cut themselves and hate their lives. I genuinely love myself, I love my life, and we experience emotions just like the rest of you, we're not just sad like tf-? 💀 Yh, some of us have depression, I do, but we kinda all do now in days. And I find emo jokes funny asf tbh. Even tho they only own up to stereo types. U realize we make these jokes to each other all the time, right? And idek y ppl use the word emo as an insult, I js say thx for noticing. And an emo isn't some random kid in black or a hoodie. If so, were pretty much all emo. And stop barking, r u a furry or do u js want a dog treat? 💀 We literally js mind our own business and keep to ourselves, idk y u feel like u have to bother us. And emos r hot, idk wtf ur talking ab. Have a nice day. <33 (And no, I'm not mad lmfao. I'm js stating fax)

And ur js pissed we do eyeliner better than you😙

Guys don't need eyeliner, dumbass. And I like the jokes too, it's just that "offended" people think we're cruel for making these jokes. I'm not pissed at you guys.

Anon, you're a good person.

Emo is an insult, just like calling someone/something gay.

And I'm fine with that. :)


kys wanker

fkn emo cunt hang yourself your fucking fat shit no wonder you want to kill your self i hope your parents die in a fucking car crash i will shit on your fucking grave you stinky cunt end your life no one cares about you you ugly inbread cunt

i bet ur saying that shit becuz u really dont know how pain is inside


This hoe next to me

I now know you

I did but they're all dead now

Why do you need to mention emos that hurt my feelings bitches go die


mom is that you dad ran away to get the milk

my besti

WOW, i read some of these coments and they made me sick. People are so f*cking crul these days emo is mentle heath thing so dont juge people, emo people keep to them selfs unlike other people who always have to say something to make the other person feel bad!!!


i am emo lol

I'm emo but funny

I know someone named Connagh frawley

u r emo

my gf was emo


i used to be emo hEe HeEeEeE

aart do be kinda emo

whoever said dis: guys being emo isn't a choice can we stop forcing this stuff down people's throats???? you cant just choose to be emo... it's a serious mental condition. I would shove my dick down ur throat.



fuck all the furies emos because the world already has about 1 mill to many

Wow this generation is braindead. Y'all stupid motherfuckers don't know the meaning to anything.

i have a friend who is

my friend, he is in solitary confinement.

im so surprised this got so many likes

fuck emo people as long as they white

"like if you are still alive" get it in cuz they have a habit of killing themself

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Me myself and i

I dont know them anymore

My 5yo sister