in Emo

Like if you know someone is emo

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u mon


I want an emo gf those chicks are limited edition 😅

guys being emo isnt a choice can we stop forcing this stuff down peoples throats???? you cant just choose to be emo.... its a serious mental condition

FUCK EMO GIRLS! No, seriously, fuck them. They're hot.

emos are fucking weirdos

Fuck u bitch and hell ye get that ass bro

fuck all of you guys none of you have lives. like for real stfu.

me lol


Emos are weirdos


i know someone who is emo she has a big dick lmaooooo

Ur mum is an emo

I have not seen an emo in the wild for almost a decade

I'm sorry I don't know 'someone is emo.' Is he nice?

shut ther ufck up

Haha yeah