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Hi I'm a girl and my zodiac is Scorpio
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Teacher: Okay class look at the person to the right of you and describe them with one word. Me: *looks to the right of me and sees the pick-me girl* "Penny" Teacher: *shocked* How is she a penny? Me: Cuz she's two-faced, flat, and always in someone's pants. Not to mention worth practically nothing.

This Category is messed up. My Mom died in 9/11 at least she was doing what she loved, flying planes.

If I had a dime for every time I heard someone say that F was the villain (alphabet lore) I would be Rich

The Twin Towers are just like genders, There used to be two but now it's a sensitive topic

What's the difference between you and Frankenstein? He is not ugly like you plus, He has a wife.