Caesar Salad Jokes


How do you make any salad into a caesar salad?

Stab it twenty three times.

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What do you call those dead pieces of green stuff left in the bottom of a bowl of Caesar salad?

The last romaines. Now lettuce pray for them.

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What do you call a chicken looking at a bowl of salad?

A chicken sees a salad( chicken Caesar salad )

whats juice wrlds favourite salad? a seizure salad


Why’s it called a Caesar Salad? ‘Cause Caesar ruled the romaines.

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How do you make any salad a caesar salad -stab it 23 times

I went to the super market one day and i saw a cEAsor salad for 69 dollars next minute someone comes up to me and says CAESOR DEEZ NUTZ

Nivedh jha

Its caesar salad

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Julius Caesar is Roman? More like romaine (salad) and to make the best salad you stab it 23 times until the CAESAR salad, Romaine Salad, is fresh.

Nivedh jha

Caesar salad jack and jill little johny koala Zebra monkey vegetables bus baa bus

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