Bumper Jokes

I was sitting with my little brother when he was about four-ish. He was starting to really like to identify objects for some reason, so he was showing me his toys. He grabbed his toy Mator truck and then pointed to the wheels, saying, “These are wheels.” I said, “Good job, yes they are.” Then he pointed to the bumper and said, “This is a bumper.” Again, I congratulated him. Then, he grabbed the toy’s wire with the hook at the end and said, “And this is a hooker.” I died laughing.


When a "Baby on Board" sticker is a little faded and beat up, you know the kid is at least a year old, and the car is safe to ram

Blind people driving on the highway would be the world's biggest, and shortest game of bumper cars!

Drop me in afghanistan with a cigar, a kobe jersey, a mac-10, a lambo huricane with a bumper delete and a toyota tacoma with a m249 on the back. Then Ill have afghanistan by the 51 state by midnight.