three gay guy walk into a bar there is only one stool left, what do they do

they flip the stool over

What’s the most delicious city in the world? Hamburg

what turns green to red in a flick of a switch?A frog in a blender.

What do you call a owl that dose magic


Why didn’t the skeleton go to the party : He had nobody to go with

I’m ticked off by this tick joke!

What hood do zombies come from? Dead Ends

How do you get a Japanese fanclub?

Walk around with a bundle of gas masks!

Did you know why they added Alexa for Steven hawkins

What’s the difference between a mosquito and a blonde the mosquito stops sucking after you slap it

I don’t have luck with other angels.

So I just WING IT!

How did I kill Georgee

I snatched her boat HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

your mom =P


What happens when two walls meet. They are cornered

whats the difference between a noodle and a scaboodle fladooodle

What’s the difference between a bullet, and a prostitute? They both burst a barrel.

My dad told me i’m a failure… I failed a math’s test. Good thing theres a pole outside my house.

What’s the difference between a boy and gold? More people want gold.

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