what do you call a twinkie with two pairs of pants? double trousers

My Life

62 is not just any number as it so happens to be my height 6,2 just as 25 is my age ,on facebook

funny thing is dead women can’t say no…

What do you call a woman in Africa with tiled on her head ? Unstable roof

what does u call an poor kid an african

ur mom ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i have no friends :’(

what do you call a retarded duck

f... duck and lick my balls

Please, can someone comment on this post to explain what satisfaction you get from joking about such serious issues?

Dead people can’t cross the street cuz there dead ha ha

come on guys PLEEEEASE lets [play roblod my name is xX_robloxGamer420Po_Xx



what did the atom say to the positive in math class. We could make a positive number

What is Stephen hawkings favourite lunch-legs and shoulders

me/Hey what book are you reading? him/" the twisted ones "me/ uh I guess that book is pretty TWISTED

What do u call an octopus dad?
an octodad

f... you biiiiiitch

this one time i said to a person that tehy are dry they i was wet (ba dum tiss) my bully said i have to shut up i said shut down (ba dum tiss)

Someone said to me they like greasy food with gravy I said no wonder your foreheads so greasy

why is 8 afraid of 7? cause 7 ate 9

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