Yo mama so fat, she doesn’t need internet, because she’s already WORLDWIDE!!!

Yo mama so fat, when she sat on the iPod…


What did one statue say to another statue? "Hey! Istatue?

Two old Indian ladies out picking Potato’s one ladie stops staring at this huge potato turning it round and round . The other old Ladie sais to her what are you doing she sais these potato’s remind me of my ((husbands nuts )) she sais oh my are they really that BIG she said no there that dirty. lololol

What’s does Michael Jackson and a Playstation have in common ? Their both made of plastic and children turn them on

A new game the whole family can play…


I saw a man sitting on the ledge of a bridge the other day, and asked him what was wrong. He responded with nobody loves me, so i told him that may be true but you dont wanna kill yourself you want to die of old age, or at least be murdered, suicide is for the weak. he responded with your right so I pushed him over the bridge, and he died of murder

what would MLK junior be if he was white…alive

A priest and a rabbi are walking down the street and they come to a kid playing in a sandbox. The priest says, “Hey, you wanna go screw that kid?”

To which the rabbi replies, "Out of what?

Yo mama so smelly, she’s even banned from the perfume store!

Yo mama so stupid, she had to retake preschool 20 times!

Yo mama so smelly, whenever she steps outside she pollutes the air!

I was going to walk to Verizon, but I decided to Sprint over to T-Mobile instead.

Why did the disabled kid keep getting bullied He couldn’t stand up for him self

What do you call an obese man with bipolar. Twins

I can’t hang out with a emo when they are sad? Why? Because it cuts deeply

What’s the difference between women and condoms ?

There isn’t a difference they’re both throw aways.

How does the Eskimo make a house of cards?

Igloos it.

What’s a pedophiles favourite type of shoe?

White Vans

What do you call a smart egg? An egg head. That was an eggscelent joke.