what do you get after a leper has a hot bath… porridge.

why’d sally drop her ice cream she was hit by a bus

Knock knock . Whos there. Bad joke

Then: You want free candy? Now: You want free wi-fi?

Yo mama’s like a fridge she breaks down when she loses her cool

I donut tink any1 even chck deez jokez

i sucked a dick

Whats the best part of been a Pedophile? You will never have a wife

What happens when Steven hawking dies?

Take his I pad to cash convertes

your so small you went handgliding on a dorito!

know knock whos there a a who bless you

Why can’t dinosaurs clap?

Because there dead.

Micheal Jackson and Tonya Harding got together back in the day for a horse racing venture…Tonya says…“I’ll handle the handicapping, you go ride the 3 year olds”

What did the boy with no hands get for his birthday? Gloves! Jk he hasn’t opened it yet

Jacob Wheet, If You Don’t Understand Look It Up

What is the difference between a suicidal person and you? None you are both dead on the inside.

Jeff asks, "Did you hear about the guy they call the flash?" Bob responds, "No, I haven’t. Do they call him that because he runs fast?" Jeff replies, “Nah, they call him that because he doesn’t wear pants.”

Once a pon a time lived a fat ass named steve and got rabies and died the end!

Why don’t you shower with a pokemon? He might pikachu.